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Your Equipment & Machines
Dress forms: Purchase an adjustable dress form in the size range you will be working with. Shown first is a "My Double" by Dritz from the 1960s. It has flexible mesh that can be tried on and form fitted to the wearer. The second shown is a modern "My Double" that uses knobs to adjust the measurements. The third shown is simply for displaying completed items. The fourth shows a pants form in the background.

Irons & ironing boards: A wall mounted ironing board is great because it can be folded out of the way when not in use. Purchase a sturdy iron with many fabric settings, and a steam setting.

Always have at least two sewing machines; one is used for a backup in case the other breaks during a project. If you use a serger, a sewing machine can save you if it breaks down. Shown is a cheaper Brother and an older Singer. The older machines tend to last longer since they have metal parts.

Buy a metal-framed adjustable drafting chair with a well-padded seat and back. The chair should adjust up and down to accommodate varying table heights you may have in your work area. It is important to buy a good quality chair, as you will be spending many hours sitting on it. Note the sturdy metal footrest ring. In addition, a good anti-static floor mat is a good investment if you have carpet around your work area.

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