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Sewing Tools
If you're just starting to learn to sew, you may find this list of tools to buy helpful. You'll need to add to this list to suit your project needs, but this will get you started:
Sharp scissors
Scissors should be separated by what you use them for; only use fabric cutters on fabric.
Have on hand various sizes of embroidery and tapestry needles and threaders. Sewing machine needles of each size will save you time if one breaks in the middle of a project.
Tracer wheel
Use a tracer wheel to transfer pattern markings to fabric.
Rotary cutting wheel
Use a rotary cutter to cut through several layers of fabric. A self-healing mat underneath will save the countertop.
Exact-o blades
Use these to cut various things - they come in handy for cutting cardboard and heavy-duty pattern pieces.
Glue gun
Use a good quality high temperature gun if you're used to handling them; always keep a pitcher of cool water nearby in case you get burned.
Chalk pencils
Use these to transfer marking from patterns to fabric. Colored pencils also work well.
Fusible web
This stuff is great for quick hemlines.
Sharp pinking shears
Pinking shears create a nice edge to fabric - especially swatches - so that they don't fray as easily.
Pins and cushions
Keep these nearby your work area, in your portable organizers, and in various places around your workshop.
Gauge ruler, regular ruler
These come in handy when you are calculating a hemline.
Wooden dowel
Use wooden dowels (sometimes found in bags of fiberfill or at art supply stores) for squaring out edges and pushing out seams. Make sure if you use one that the edge is not too sharp, as you could tear your fabrics while using it. A letter opener or artist's "bone" will work just as well.
Spool jig
This is a great tool to convert high capacity serger thread spools to fit any sewing machine. It can be purchased through Homesew (see links section for information).
Art supplies
Paints are handy if you have to stamp fabric or paint various projects. Also, have on hand calligraphy pens, marker pens, metallic pens, colored pencils, #2 pencils, crayons and ballpoint pens.
Plastic organizers are great for storing small notions and beads, and will keep everything neat and separated. Buy a wooden thread tree to keep your thread spools organized and ready when you need them. A bobbin organizer will keep full bobbins from being messy.

A portable sewing tray is handy if you want to work outside your workshop, at a client's house, or in your family room. Hand tools and other various supplies can be stored in this useful tray.
For ease of dispensing, use wall-mounted or shelf-mounted dispensers with wooden dowels for ribbon, trims, bulk seam binding and other spooled materials.
Buy good sturdy wooden hangers with metal clips for hanging heavy garments. Clothespins are handy when you need an extra hand, or need to keep sleeves from slipping off a hanger. When using clothespins with garments, slip a fold or two of tissue paper underneath the clip end to prevent damage to the garment. 

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