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Measuring for Garments

1. Head measurement 2. Neck [v] 3. Shoulder depth 4. Arm length, bent
5. armscye [v] 6. Biceps 7. Elbow 8. Wrist
9. Arm length, straight 10. Underarm to waist 11. Overbust 12. Bustline
13. Underbust 14. Neck to waist, torso length 15. Waist [v] 16. Hips
17. rise 18. Thigh 19. inseam, crotch to ankle 20. Ankle
Depending on your garment project, you'll need to measure the intended wearer's body to achieve a comfortable fit.  You may not need to measure all of these areas for some projects, but it's nice to have a reference on hand.

Items marked with "[v]" should be used as markers, as other measurements will reference them (i.e., the waist measurement is referenced by #10 & 14, 17).  To mark an area, use elastic or a string and tie in place.  Leave it in place until all referenced measurements are complete.

Also, measure height from floor to head, and from floor to waist if necessary.  When measuring height, include shoes to be worn with the completed garment. 

The hat measurement (#1) should be around the head right about where a hat would rest.  This is usually about 1" above the brow line and ears.

For the back, measure the shoulders from armscye (#5) to armscye, as well as the torso length measurement (#14) again.

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